Meet Tatyanna

Egeria Creates Founder

In 2010, Tatyanna transitioned from a 20 yr career in Non Profit youth development curriculum development and program delivery, to trying her hand at WordPress design. She discovered that she has a natural technical aptitude and learns new tools quickly!

Her expertise is in understanding each clients unique perspective and how they show up in the world and working with them to translate this vision into a design and website experience that their visitors/customers respond to.

Personal deets: Tatyanna is a digital nomad, traveling where the wind blows her. She is currently living in Zagreb, Croatia. She is bi-racial, she is a mother, a grandmother, a lifelong anti-racism activist and an ally and advocate for LGBTQIA humans.

Other Professional Projects: Tatyanna teaches Interpersonal Communications and Mentors teenagers at Angloville Junior University and she is creating a podcast called Smart Girl Wise Woman, where she and 4 teens co-hosts discuss a wide range of issues that are important to female identified humans.